Data Acquisition

ATRC is highly specialized in data acquisition of both digital and analog signals. Advance equipment and multichannel devices are used to integrate with various types of sensors and signal or data sources.

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Signal Processing

ATRC is an authority on signal processing of both digital and analog sources. We implement priority algorithms for signal digitization, quantization, modulation/demodulation, spectral and spatial data analysis.

We also specialized in:

  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Signal propagation
  • Random media and multipath analysis
  • Multi-target detection and tracking
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Energy Generation & Storage

ATRC is a pioneer in alternative energy sources. The early work of Dr. Alkurd in Photo-Voltaic theory and application overcame several roadblocks in the efficiency and application of Adaptive Thermo Photo Voltaic Systems, aka Adaptive TPV Systems.

Our expertise expands over the full spectrum of atomic energy generation using the solar energy or fossil fuel sources.

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Advanced Technology and Research Center (ATRC) is a U.S. Small Business Company registered in Virginia and operates in the Washington DC area.


ATRC core competencies cover Military, Government, and Commercial areas. ATRC is a multi-disciplined organization with experience and expertise covering a wide range of projects. On all programs, large or small, we apply stringent quality control procedures to ensure total customer satisfaction. 



Contac us to discuss your project and how ATRC can be instrumental in achieving your technological goals.